Ep 28 Sales and Self Worth with the Dean

Award winning sales person and the Dean of Dom U, offers sales fundamentals from an esoteric perspective you'd expect out of this Podcast. Interviewed by Illy, Office of Sex Magic, Francesca asks you to clarify first and foremost to yourself, what you bring to the table. From this often wage-gap-eliminating, female friendly profession, to refusing to take no from life, this episode takes you deep down the rabbit hole. Often referencing the ancient Chinese oracle system of I-Ching, Francesca shares many of her secrets. From learning from her Fairy Godmother Guru to answering the question all your clients will ask, what's in it for me? Illy also shares wisdom like "no didn't hurt me" and I was doing sales this whole time and didn't know it. The two bring the art and science of sales to a spiritual underground and command the rise of an artistic revolution!

The Dance of Business, Confidence and Closing are supported by the fundamental human need to be grounded and centered in Truth. Centered in Truth is Francesca’s favorite I-Ching after all. Illy, a natural sales beast, brings her wisdom of conscious sexuality and exploration into this discussion. Looking at why women don’t feel like they have the right to cum every time to the feeling of shame we have when we ask for what we want, this episode beckons you to take your inner world just as seriously as your outer world. Whether you need to JUICE up and rally for your latest passion project or just take time to quantify the value that you bring, this episode rages with fire while cooling the chatter of our biggest obstacle, self- doubt.

Photos by Illy - Frankincensed Photo

Francesca Rose