Domination University is about domination but not about dominating others. It’s about dominating yourself, your bullshit, your baggage, procrastination, insecurities or simply learning practical ways to heal whether that be spiritually, emotionally or other.

A lot of people assume that Dom U is about sex. We love sex! But many people have widely different notions of their sexuality. We only wish for you proper sexual expression that is representative of a liberated “you,”with respect and dignity in whatever consensual form that may take. You can expect us to talk about sexuality from an energetic perspective, chakras and kundalini, aphrodisiacs and the sexually empowering art of belly dance. You can expect us to dissect religious persecution upon one’s sexuality and long lasting effects from misguided moral crusaders, especially of which need reconciled.

Domination University uses the archetype of a school for the purpose of self care, for the purpose of bringing individuals together who have mastered areas of their life and are willing to share the details with others. Even powerful women need powerful women in their lives. Dom U was created in response to the #metoo movement. If so many women have suffered for so long, then so many women need a tribe to have their backs as we move forward. Dom U is about sisterhood and celebration of the divine female in this world without concern for competition. Created by acting Dean Francesca J Rose, and founded with members holding offices and recruiting the most badass women known, Dom U is a platform for you to listen, learn and contribute to. If you would like to be a guest or refer a guest to talk about self mastery or societal achievements especially those relevant to the modern female identifying human then please go to the contact section of the page.