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Francesca J Rose


Office of Eclectic Integration

More often than not, I like to think of things as yin and yang rather than male and female. I’ve studied Eastern philosophies since I was a child, which along with other modalities, have supported me on my path. I’m a seeker and I’m a sharer. I happen to love being a woman too!

With this office, I offer practical tools for everyday life and growth. I’m a sales person by trade, a negotiator. I offer a background that deals academically with psychology, my collegiate focus, as well as relationship exploration, tried and true in the underground as well as corporate world. Conflict resolution is one of my strengths. I also offer a background in spiritual studies. I’ve studied most of the world’s religions and I'm ordained. Currently I’m studying Clairvoyance at a renowned psychic school, Intuitive Insights. I’ve taken many energy work courses over the years but I lean towards utilitarian. If it’s practical, strengthening and it encourages independence, I'm interested.

This office will deal less with the esoteric but will include philosophy, energy exploration, wellness and enrichment, the nature of personal reality, politics, nagual and the tonal. Essentially this office is  esoteric as fuck, but not as much as it could be! Communication is a core and constant study. I was blessed to be born into a long family lineage of powerful, fearless women. I'm naturally outspoken and at times so outspoken, a giant asshole. Like most people, I'm a work in progress.

My intentions here, defined as to ground, are to share my strengths and transmute my weaknesses. Let the Domination begin!