Ep 26 From Pagers to Podcasts

Journey down the Rabbit Hole with a couple 90s kids, Sami from the Office of Personal Power joins Francesca to talk about the only thing she knows, which is that she doesn't know. Heavy on the philosophical plane, we go from Sami's missed calling as a cult leader to regionality in evolution, quantum leaping and the fate of the earth. From the political sandbox to romancing supernova explosions and astral plane toe dipping, this episode starts with the topic of healthy skepticism versus mysticism and offers balanced perspectives from two seemingly opposite friends.

Sami A saurus.jpg

In Ocean Beach, Ca, I looked at Sami from the back of the line of the Super Max and thought, I bet that girl knows what I’m looking for. I had been looking for someone to help me with my dreadlocks. Walking around town, both of us I later found, had made several stops, and multiple trips to the Super Max that very day. My ego got the best of me. I thought, leave her alone Francesca, don’t bother this girl. Not necessarily shyness but maybe a lil bit of desire to avoid social awkwardness, I resigned that I would leave her alone. As she went to walk away, the strangest thing came over me. I felt my body lunge towards her. It was like something had taken over my body. It happened too quickly to be terrifying, but I was in shock as I watched my finger reach out and tap her on the shoulder. She turned around and I suddenly I had to speak to her now. Wtf just happened. More than 2 hours later, we were finally wrapping up our first conversation in the entry way of the Super Max. I had accidentally just made a lifetime friend. Not only did I later, have the honor of officiating Sami’s wedding, I have cohosted several Philoso Teas with her. Philoso Tea is a special event, artistic expression to me. You can read more about it in the blog section.

In this episode Sami had flown in from Seattle to cohost a Philoso Tea with me in LA. In our usual fashion, we stayed up talking all night. This episode was recorded then and was part of a live stream. I am one of Sami’s biggest fans. Commonly I refer to her as one of the world’s last unicorns. She truly is a magical creature. Every where she goes she makes new friends. Her nack for bringing people together, building and supporting community is truly inspiring.

I’m proud of this episode because Sami is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met in my entire life. From skepticism to mysticism, to logic and intuition, knowledge and wisdom, heart, brain, soul, whatever, I love hearing this woman speak. I believe our spiritual connection has spanned many life times. Enjoy this episode and look out for more Philoso Teas. Like Sami says, Stay Conscious my Friends.

-xoxo F

Francesca Rose