Ep. 22 Uniting Heaven and Earth with Art, Dani Quick Draw Smith

We support Art here at Domination University. Few modalities if any, come come as closely as Art does to bringing spiritual wisdom and meaning into our lives. In a time period dominated by the Disney franchise however, it can be difficult for Indi Artists to provide us with variety for our palates. One artist has found a way and her art dazzles fans across the world.


Dani Smith, also known as Dani Quick Draw on Instagram and Facebook is a multi best selling artist and artist on Amazon for series such as Black Dog and Rebel Rose, Asylum and Shale City. She also has a poetry book available called Being Ophelia. Despite generating frequent flyer miles to planet awesome with her transcendent comic creations, being a full time concept-artist creator, having Black Dog and Rebel Rose recently optioned for a film and being a wife and mother, the extremely grounded Dani found some time for Domination University with Francesca.

In episode 22, Uniting Heaven and Earth with Art, Dani shares some OG witch tips, describes the influence of Anthropology and Mythology on her art and explains the natural extension of sensuality in her writings. This is an artist who writes about sex and violence so graphically she is often perceived to be a male writer. This episode is one of Dom Uā€™s most potent. Daniā€™s old soul demeanor offers enlightening perspectives such as the important of meditation and not choking the shit out of your dreams while manifesting masterpieces and abundance.

There is also a heart felt story explaining how Dani got into digital art. An established painter, so admired, she was the target of an excruciating art theft. She experienced the suffering of having $10,000+ of her best art pieces of the time, stolen. Knowing the important of trusting in the universe, she was ready for the new doors that opened in front of her leading her to digital art. The rest is history.

Tune in to hear about powerful female archetypes, including how Dani makes Angels and Demons more human than human, unintentionally saving marriages with her story telling, the influences that make her swoon and the struggles of being a female artist in the male dominated arena of comic book writing. She offers a refreshing perspective of feminism as the mother to a son and a Goddess embodying an accepting, humble and open minded human being.

Francesca Rose