Ep 21 Chi 101 with LAc Shannon Finnesy


Love, Wisdom and Acupuncture.

Why it’s been practiced for 1,000s of years and continues to awe doctors who know it works, yet don’t quite understand it…

It's all about that Chi in this episode. Revered Acupuncturist Shannon Finnesy joins Francesca to discuss the basics of Chi in Chinese Medicine. From what is Chi to Big Pharma's strenuous attempts to beat placebo, to the power of our minds, this would be heady episode is grounded beautifully by Shannon's loving holistic healer approach.

Have you noticed extra road rage around you this spring? I have, you can thank me for contributing! It is officially Liver Chi season in Spring. The liver is extra active, spring cleaning from the winter, gearing up for summer. In Chinese medicine the organs and emotions are connected. Illnesses and injuries are affected by the seasons also, so dramatic it still awes Shannon who has been practicing for 11+years.

In this episode expect some OG witch business, with epic layers of wisdom that come from Chinese Medicine’s brilliant heritage. You can incorporate its beautiful simplicity such as eating seasonally or simple chi moving techniques like home gua sha with a jade rollers or joining a local Chi Gong circle.

More than a licensed acupuncturist, Shannon is a healer, empath, sensitive to the fact that we live in a society that is touch deprived and often simply needs to be heard. She has treated everything from injuries to anxiety, depression and a plethora of digestive issues. With Francesca alone, she healed a strained rotator cuff. Francesca was unable to lift her arm and with less than 2 hours with Shannon she had 85% of her mobility back. Another memorable treatment experience is bronchitis, the kind that won’t go away, even though you’re on antibiotics and steroids. There are many things Acupuncture is best equipped for.

“Where there is pain there is stagnation. Where there is stagnation, there is pain.”

You can find Shannon here. She is welcoming our listeners to drop her a line, even if it’s just for a referral in a different city. But if you’re in LA, mention you listened to the podcast and receive 20% your first session.

Shannon is also a Water Educator for Kangen. I’ve drank it, seen the scientific data from PH to antioxidant levels, and it’s quite magical. Water is the most important substance in the world, check out more information at Essentially Water.

Francesca Rose