Crystal Vibes

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Do crystals work? That is a common question asked by people skeptical of an ancient practice that’s finally thriving again, in pop culture. I’ve been collecting rocks and healing stones for over 30 years now. I’m one of those people who might travel with them in the pockets, purse. Mostly though, they are set up around my house. I wouldn’t say I’m a crystal fanatic because I know people who work with them much more than I do. My favorite way to use in jewelry. In fact I don’t care to wear jewelry without crystals or at least some form of charged symbolism. What’s the point? My flare is better than that!

For me, my Pink Chalcedony earrings are a go to when working in a sales position. Pink Chalcedony has been known to help assist with trust. It is my go to when I am concerned but all I can do is go out and attempt my best. Focusing on the energy of trust is the first thing I do to get in a state of ease. Ease leads to efficiency.


Rainbow Moonstone

Used for centuries for emotional balancing, wholeness, female cycles.

Going back to do crystals work, we can try to take a more scientific approach or least a philosophical one. Albert Einstein said everything in life is vibration. Crystals thus have their own individual vibrations, each created in different ways. Minerals and rocks are the building blocks of the geosphere. The building blocks of minerals are elements. The elements we have on earth ultimately came from the stars. And if not stardust directly then some type of remnant of the Big Bang. And with time, patience, change and evolution, crystals form. You can say for that reason alone they have unique vibrations.


Selenite Wand

Considered a must have for clearing and cleansing.

Speaking of unique, how about crystals in computers, cameras, cellphones, watches, radios, etc, do those work? Of course they do. What about placebo? Placebo is proof that your mind is more powerful than matter. And for that reason alone I believe I have a healthy relationship with crystals. Crystals can work for you if you let them. They can also not work for you, especially if you are fixating on them not working. It’s important to recognize the limitations and the practical uses. You can charge your crystals. You can put intentions in them. Whatever power you think you need in your life, know that you can access it without crystals. Crystals can be a tool to access the power you seek however. Recognize the vibrations they bring and the vibrations they transform. Crystals can be like spiritual compasses. They can direct your energy in a particular direction, from opening your heart chakra to your crown. They can help put you in a vibration of neutrality or higher which may protect you from other’s energy. They can help put you in a state of trust, ease, or a state of courage and creative thrill. At the end of the day though, your mind should be able to manifest anything your heart desires. Channel the power of crystals whether you have them without you or not. And remember your power as you use your crystals to help you align. Never give your power to anyone or anything, not even crystals.

- FJR xoxo

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