Sami A Saurus

Office of Personal Power

Host of Punk Rock Space Talk

My name is Sami Saurus and I am an artist, a musician, a philosopher, and a world traveler. I have invested interest in science in general, but with much focus on geology, archaeology, and astronomy. I view life as one big learning experience. I have successfully used my powers of manifestation to take control of my life and guide it in the directions most promising to me. I use self confidence and self awareness to feed my personal power, which in turn gives me the ability to live my life to it's greatest purpose.

My position here at Domination University gives me the opportunity to share my acquired wisdom of experience with others, and I am grateful for the chance to do so. I am a strong woman, who has learned how to draw and hold boundaries. I do not put up with disrespect or unwanted negativity. I own my space and my personal power, and it radiates out for all to see. I command my space with a loving, but no bullshit approach. I recognize my innate power and help it grow while I, myself, grow as a person. Once we realize that all the power we desire resides within ourself, we are unstoppable.