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Office of Sex Magic

Welcome, my name is Chelsea Maker. I am a Intuitive Healing Practitioner that wants to hold space for our true selves to radiate. This platform will serve as a tool to identify with our sexual power and prowess. We can master and direct this power rather then be ashamed and the energy dampened. Sexuality & Sex have been a taboo subject for decades, especially for women. Let us discover the creative forces and manifestation power that sex has to offer. In this class we will cover, self love & appreciation, addressing mind+body+spirit as a unit, healing arts, sexuality, identity, sex, of course SEX MAGIC and other modalities! I be interviewing guest speakers from all walks of life to see new angles and expand our comprehension on this amazing beautiful subject.

What is sex magic?

Sex Magic is a way to mobilize the amazing creative power of sexual energy to generate a desired result. Sexual energy is life energy. It is its nature to create and therefore manifest.