Ep 18 Sexual Healing Thru BDSM and the Vagina Star Gate

This episode is pure magic and I say that having nothing to do with it other than writing this lil ditty and uploading it to the server. Illy from the Office of Sex Magic chats with Bella from the Sex Magic Podcast. Minds will be blown. But more so, prepare yourself for a journey of the soul into the deepest, most repressed parts of our human experience.

Bella is a Sex Column writer, BDSM educator, feminist, writer, artist, witch and much more. She shares stories being a Doula, self healing and discovering the common thread of the human experience and life itself. Be on the edge of where light hits the stone and the shining of dimensions where we are always whole, no matter the history.

Grace, respect, purposeless play, mindfulness, sensuality and holding space. What more could you ask for?!

Know Your Magick

Kat Davies, founder of Magicak Mavens joins Francesca to talk about all things witchy and evolutionary. From building a spiritual community, to surviving as an empath and professional, Kat introduces her inclusive online community and favorite witch tips!

Ritual, routine, and just plain finding your magic. Enjoy a journey that started Southern Baptist with a lot of paranormal activity and shifted into a thriving spiritual community in Denver, CO and worldwide, online. Magickal Mavens offers monthly tarot and astrology readings, events, a blog and shop in addition to interactive and support spiritual community. http://magickalmavens.com/

Live Your Truth

A Trans Man talks about how the future is female with Illy of the Office of Sex Magic.

This podcast has some profound moments. Find out what it feels like to walk in another’s shoes. Jay takes us on a profound ride through transformation and identifying as a pan sexual. With an extremely articulate tongue, his experience is awakening for even the most naive cis.

Everything from gender and sexual orientation, to male and female expressions of anger is delved into. Whether or not you have ever been confused about your fellow human kind whom identify differently than would be expected, Jay offers compelling introspection and an applaudable journey. Don’t be fearful of what you don’t understand.

Favorite quote, “It’s incredible what using your voice or not using your voice can do.”

2019 Holla at The New Year

The 14th Episode of Domination University releases. I’m proud of how far we’ve come and the momentum that is now in motion. Looking back at the different podcasts I’ve recorded, I smile at how enjoyable they were to be part of. This podcast in my life has given me the excuse and opportunity to have meaningful conversation with people I admire, esp with those whom I have just recently met and asked to join on a whim.

It also fulfills a passion of mine to have an extension for which to share self-care practices. It is my commitment to continually work on myself so that I may hold an active role in the carving of my life and alignment of my higher self. It’s an exciting time to be alive.

Not to get all cliche and shit, but it’s a New freaking Year! With a new year, structurally I’m reminded to reflect and make adjustments. I was inspired by a class I took recently at LAVC on nutrition and Natural Hormone Balancing. For someone who grew up working at a co-op with hippie parents, I’ve always known the power of food as medicine. But I had forgotten. You gotta eat, so why not make food your first line of support for your health. I’m referring to eating healthy food that actually tastes good, plus is nourishing.

The teacher Carrie Bonfitto of Two Hearts Nutrition also teaches a cooking coarse on how to cook healthy, great tasting food. Plus she’s Italian, so I know for a fact that she knows what good tasting food tastes like! I was extremely impressed with her depth of knowledge, understanding of the cultural importance of food and also understanding that people have different body types with different needs, and different emotional impacts. The female hormone balancing class was very interesting as well. I can relate to having different energy levels, different times of the month. She offers simple, practical solutions. You gotta eat!

We are appreciative Carrie was generous enough to jump behind the mic and offer her board certified holistic nutritional advice. You can hear her on Ep. 14, Two Hearts Nutrition, named after her practice. www.twoheartsnutrition.com If you are looking to feel better or deal with a health issue, she has much experience with everything from inflammation, pain, cardiovascular and much more. Perhaps you just want more control of your health with food that tastes good and can fit into any budget, I recommend you check her out on her website and/or her facebook group, Vitality Seekers- Self-Care Support.

-xoxo Francesca J

Listen here or anywhere you get your podcasts.  https://soundcloud.com/domination-university/tracks

Listen here or anywhere you get your podcasts. https://soundcloud.com/domination-university/tracks

A picture is worth a thousand words.

In honor of special guest Kathleen, a witch and midseason Goddess featured on Ep. 9, The Relationship that Woke up my Vagina, Domination University unveils the Blog and Portrait section. Listen and be elevated by Kathleen and Illy talk about everything from trauma, healing, manifesting peace and self love and much more on your favorite Podcast streaming sites and soundcloud.com

Illy from the Office of Sex Magic is a multi dimensional artist. Her artistic eye behind the camera will take you on a ride out of this world and into the realms of pure soul, filtered only with a veil we call the human experience. 

The Whys and Hows of Domination

The Whys and Hows of Domination

One of the things most people think about when they hear the name Domination University is Sex. Sex is great. We have dirty minds too so no judgement. But the word "Domination" has also been charged with the notion of ruling another person, sexually or otherwise. Domination University however is about ONE thing, ruling oneself. Why would we even need to rule another person?! After all, we are all one. Cliche as it may sound, it's a timeless notion present in all the world's wisest teachings. We come from one source and when we die everything we know of ourselves, soul or matter or both, returns to the place(s) we know of or think we know of as our creator(s), Earth or God or the Universe or whatever story you've subscribed to.

Rather than dominate another person, why not lend a hand, ear,  share one's strength, collaborate, explore or even just brainstorm. Domination University having gone back to the ritual of collaboration is a tribe. More specifically, Dom U is a sisterhood. Right now, us female identifying creatures need to band together. Any notion of female competitiveness was forged by the patriarchy. Don't believe it. By the way we love men. Men are awesome. In fact, if it wasn't for men, Dom U would be recorded on a cell phone with a shitty sound mix. (love ya Nick)

Women share a common thread though, in the history of the earth and a collective pain body described best by Eckhart Tolle and the #Metoo movement.  At Dom U, we're seekers. We're light workers. We've learned to let go of some of the darkest remnants of pain and suffering that an old soul might carry. Fortunately for all us witches, it's 2018, Dom U operates on the West side of the United States, headquarters in the Republic of California, Los Angeles to be exact. On the west coast we don't have to worry about being "weird." We practice energy work with dignity despite the world's chaos and long history of human disfunction and spiritual distortion. 

That is why we are here. We all have our stuff. We are all peeling back "layers of the onion" whether you're a Christian, Muslim, Pagan, Yogi. You can't deny life the arena you chose to join. But you can choose the game and you can choose the tempo. At Domination University, we live hard and fast. We watch and we put intention into awakening to the depths of who we are, because we choose accelerated evolution now. We choose to hold the reigns. We choose kindness. We choose respect. We honor our truth and your's too. We choose to harness and channel the power that has always been ours to hold, the ability to dominate our fears and move through them and create with the rhythm of the universe. Domination.